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Commercial development tools typically have pretty decent XML support, and if you were to write e.g. a ZCML editor as an Eclipse plug in, being able to rely on existing XML components would be much easier. Developers familiar with J2EE, .NET etc. are used to XML configuration files, and have editors and tools they are comfortable with. Being able to use those same tools (oh, it's just XML) may
ease the learning curve a little.
Also, I assume there's a DTD or XML Schema for the ZCML syntax, which would let such tools validate and auto-complete ZCML syntax - a valuable way to save time
if you're not intimately familiar with the syntax.

While I agree with all of this, I've never seen anyone actually do this for anything Zope-related so far. ZPT is a prime example where this was touted as a good reason to go for an XML-based attribute language, but no-one ever developed these tools. As such, I'm tempted to cry "yagni" on XML-because-its-easier-for-tools...

With a valid DTD or XML Schema (which is easily produced; I would've thought one already existed for ZCML, if not, it's a strange omission), any serious XML tool will be able to validate and sanity-check your ZCML files.



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