Martijn Faassen wrote at 2006-1-23 18:27 +0100:
> ...
>For one, ZConfig is a 
>syntax not very well known, even granting its similarity to the Apache 
>configuration language, while XML is very well known.

Come on:

  The only "syntactic" part of "ZConfig" is: there are
  keys with values and sections (which may contain subsections
  and keys with values).

  This is almost identical to the "syntactic" part of XML:
  the keys correspond to attributes and the sections to elements.

In both cases, the difficult parts do *NOT* lie in *SYNTAX* (which
is trivial in both cases). The difficult parts lie in the
available sections/elements with their keys/attributes and
subsections/subelements and what this
all means (i.e. their semantics)...

What I like with "ZConfig" is its schemas and especially the
ability to define datatypes.

I hope that similar things can be achieved with ZCML.

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