Chris Withers wrote:
> (and if we can get it down to one, we don't have to specify it at the
> top of the file... yay!)

Not really. Specifying no namespace at all is not the same as specifying the
namespace of prefix-less elements. Even with one namespace the declaration of
that namespace is still useful from a semantic point of view, e.g. when mixing
ZCML with other XML.

For example, I could imagine to inline-document ZCML with additional DocBook
tags. It's currenty not possible because the ZCML machinery expects every
element to be a directive or subdirective. When all ZCML directives are part
of a single namespace, though, other namespaces are free to be used for
documentation, XInclude, etc. For that to work, though, the ZCML namespace
should be defined explicitly, even if it's only one, to distinguish it
explicitly from other stuff.


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