Sidnei da Silva wrote:
On Tue, Jan 24, 2006 at 05:15:43PM -0500, Jim Fulton wrote:
| >Any thoughts?
| | I think that the way the server and app are integrated needs to be | rethought. | | I think we need to look at how to leverage Paste Deploy in Zope. | | I hate to mention this with all of the discussion about ZConfig, but we | should | probably consider using PasteDeploy as an alternative to ZConfig. (Jim | ducks.) | Alternative, we should redo the Zope 3 ZConfig schema to work with the | Paste Deploy | APIs. Obviously, if we do the later, I'd prefer to do so after we've | decided how
| we're going to reimplement ZConfig.
| | In the short term, you might try teasing out the app and server from Zope
| and see if you could wire them up with Paste Deploy.

Alright, I had a first stab at it, and managed to get Zope 3's
WSGIPublisherApplication wired as a WSGI application using Paste

The result of this has been imported into:

There are a bunch of issues to be resolved, like the fact that it's
not possible to access the initial ZConfig options object because it's
thrown away, so, in order of priority:

1. It's not possible to find where the <INSTANCE_HOME> is.

Why is this necessary?

2. It's not possible to access the configured root database, I've
   worked around this by using a event subscriber and some sort of

In a normal Zope install, the defined databases are registered as utilities.

3. Zope's servers assume that all 'IServerType' utilities accept a
   'db' argument. It should be optional.

This whole mechanism needs to be rethought in light of WSGI and Paste Deploy.

Other than that, I will be experimenting with hooking additional
filters to be applied, for example:



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