On Wed, 2006-01-25 at 17:25 -0500, Tres Seaver wrote:
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> Stephan Richter wrote:
> > On Wednesday 25 January 2006 05:40, Christian Theune wrote:
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> >>I'm quite sure that part b) isn't written yet, but I'm not sure what the
> >>state of part a) is.
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> > 
> > (a) is done. It is indeed the default Zope behavior.
> Hmm, I thought that Zope3's security machinery set the response code to
> 403 (forbidden) rather than a 401 (Unauthorized) if the user is already
> authenticated. but then tries to do something not allowed.  Browsers
> (rightfully) don't treat a 403 as a prompt to reauthenticate.  The
> configureed authentication service *may* override that to raise
> Unauthorized, but that is not mandated.

I think Zope has a notion of saying "there is no way you could authorize
to do this" and "well. you can't do this now, but you might be able".

I think the first thing would be totally private stuff (like in Zope 2
using declarePrivate()) whereas the second thing would be things where
the user just misses a permission.

AFAIK things without permission declarations are private and the user
stands no chance to provide credentials that give him enough grants.


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