Dieter Maurer wrote:
Stephan Richter wrote at 2006-1-26 10:16 -0500:

but ZCML meta directives and schemas are so easy to use.
I do not yet know ZCML...

In my experience it is indeed fairly easy to extend ZCML; it's a pretty nice system that way.

When I have read your book I was scared away from ZCML by the
amount of namespaces and directives --

In practice I find myself using about 2 namespaces even large applications -- zope and browser. Five adds a third namespace, 'five'. There are indeed too many directives.

in addition that
I do not like the XML hype (that part that seems to imply that as soon
as something is XML it is also easy and well understood).

I don't think anyone in the Zope 3 world is claiming this about ZCML, right? I think the current world with XML is somewhat better than what was there before, which was (more or less) complete chaos in ways to spell formats. The current world is far from perfect though. :) XML is definitely not automatically going to make something easy or well understood, though.


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