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Tue, 7 Feb 2006 11:01:23 +0100
von: Martijn Faassen

>Alternatively, we could use our energy to actually work together on a
>new website instead of competing. There's a zope-web mailing list, after
>all, so go and talk there. This would have my preference.

I agree and think that Zope 3 doesn't need a secondary brand name.

My suggestion: set up a dedicated website zope3.tld to emphazise that it
is not just a new version, and things will go the right direction. The
Zope3-rotterdam logo may be good enough to start a no-nonsens design.

Downloads, tutorials and documentation of any level should be available
by as less clicks as possible.

The site should be as user friendly as possible for someone who looks
the first time at zope3 (and may be thinking the sql-way), this is the

Just my 5¢ for further discussions.


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