Max M wrote:
If you want to fix the Zope 2 website at the same time as branding Zope
3, I fear it is a monumental task that will never happen.

The Zope 2 website is so big, and has so much content that it should
have somebody working on it full time if it needs changing.

Perhaps this "monumental" approach to a zope site is wrong. Microsites
with well defined boundaries, that a few or a single person could be
responsible for might be a better approach.
I think it's very important that if this is to happen, it must be done in realistic chunks so that it isn't seen as a failure. Which again goes back to the original proposal by Joel:

If the adopted brand name for the new sexy Zope 3 thing is e.g. Zope 3 Singularity, we'll have That site will be small and well-focused, it will be sexy and well-designed, it will have the information you need to wet your appetite, a few examples, a sleek and easy-to-follow tutorial, a list of successful Zope 3 sites and pointers to more comprehensive documentation and the books. And nothing more.

Most importantly, it must *not* have a Wiki! can continue hosting the development wiki, a collaboration tool for the Zope core developers, but the marketing web site needs slightly tighter contrl. And it needs someone in charge, someone who feels it's their responsibility to keep it looking good, otherwise it will degenerate quickly and add to our misery.

It would be good if such a site ran on Zope 3, too... could e.g. Tiks host it?


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