Being a long time Product developer for Zope 2, I constantly have a big problem with checking compatibility for my products with different Python-Zope-Plone-Product combinations.

It is also impossible to guess from the Products on and which versions works with what.

As far as I can see, the only reasonable solution to this is to automate the task with some kind of testrunner.

I can make this testrunner for my own products. But it would be far better if there was a standard way to do it, so that it is possible to check different version with each other across developers and platforms.

It could be nice to avoid this same problem in Zope 3, or perhaps even to find a way to retrofit it to Zope 2.

If I develop a product to run on Zope 3.2, and my customers are using this product, I might not test it on 3.3 or 3.4 later on, as I don't really have any reason to. So the product could be broken without anybody knowing it before trying it out.

If there where automated compatibility tests it would be possible to see when a product was no longer usable.

If I then were to update my product, I would also be able to se if my new changes would break compatibility with older versions.

It would also be a way for "core" developers to test if their changes in their next Zope version breaks anything in 3. party products. That would at least give them a chance to decide to work around it.

The test should include unittest, functional test, migrations of content from older product versions etc.

But I imagine that we would need some kind of meta framework for setting up tests on a product version per zope version basis.

A result like this would be sweet for everybody:

Zope version    3.2    3.3    3.4
myProduct 1.2           x      x
myProduct 1.1    x      x
myProduct 1.0    x

Does anybody have an idea as to what is necessary to do these automated tests, or links to previous efforts in this direction? I imagine something like the testrunner that is currently testing out Zope.

Or am I the only one seing this as a problem that should be automated?


hilsen/regards Max M, Denmark
IT's Mad Science

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