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Gary Poster wrote:
I think the split-up contest--response 2--that Joel Moxley proposed on the list and others proposed privately to me sounds good.

I'm not really thrilled about that idea. Marketing needs to be a unified message, and if you split it up you'll likely end up with a hodgepodge. You also risk everybody doing the easy parts and nobody working on the parts that cost some energy.

A contest for website ideas (with a bunch of webpages in a layout and with some good text and graphics) sounds better. It's more likely to result in one of more visions we can live with. If you're interested in new names for Zope, logos, and so on, that's fine, as you can present it in the context of a larger message. Currently I'm not at all convinced we need an additional name for Zope 3 or work on the logo, but a good presentation could definitely change my mind.

A mockup of a homepage and a bunch of subpages, together with the textual part of the marketing message shouldn't be too big a hindrance to get a few good submissions.

You say this in your other message:
Somehow people don't seem to be discussing other activities much in the recent threads, such as the writing intro text, of tutorials, designing and presenting screencasts, gathering links and other information.

Seems like just the sort of individual things that a split-up competition would be good for, to me. Add in something silly, like most fun logo or silliest slogan, just for spice, and it even sounds like you have a nice balance of categories.

Your list also sounds like things that can be done out of the context of a grand website effort, and used as useful raw materials for such an effort.

Whatever, I was only volunteering to try and help. I'm beyond, beyond swamped. I'm thrilled that folks are working on the zope.org site. Thank you. Perhaps other loose boutique sites, as I had envisioned, for individual projects such as the Zope 3 effort, can grow at a later time.

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