On Wednesday 08 February 2006 16:18, Michael Kerrin wrote:
>   WebDAV Interfaces, Widgets and Adapters
>     http://www.zope.org/Members/mkerrin/WebDAVInterfacesWidgetsAndAdapters
>     This defines changes that I see has crucial but which introduce nasty
> backwards compatibility problems. So it would be handy to know who has
> developed any custom extension to zope.app.dav be it a custom adapter to
> zope.app.dav.interfaces.IDAVSchema or who have developed a custom WebDAV
> namespace (these are the two likely areas for problems). I am hoping that
> this figure is small :-)

Hi Michael,

It is good to finally see a real technical discussion again. I hope Jim is 
reading the list again. :-)

I really like this proposal, since it fixes the WebDAV support to a state 
where it should be. I honestly doubt that anyone has been using WebDAV until 
now. Thus I would not worry about BBB at this point, but it is still good 
that you are asking!

Stephan Richter
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