Hi Stephan,

On Thursday 09 February 2006 11:20, Stephan Richter wrote:
> On Wednesday 08 February 2006 16:18, Michael Kerrin wrote:
> >  WebDAV? Namespace Management
> >
> >     http://www.zope.org/Members/mkerrin/WebDAVProposal/wikipage_view
> >
> this is also an excellent proposal. I really like it! I think with this and
> the other proposal, the Zope 3 WebDAV story will look really good.
> The only outstanding problem is with the arbitrary namespace data that we
> might receive. Have you thought about that already? I don't want to add
> more work, so if you do not want to think about this, then just ignore the
> question. :-)
I haven't really thought about it until now but it should fit into the 
proposal, but I am hoping it goes something like this. I think I need to play 
with some test implementation just to make sure.

PROPFIND and PROPPATCH will know if a property is dead or not, considering 
that they are responsible for finding the correct namespace utility, so they 
could ask for standard dead namespace management utility. This utility can 
then generate on the fly a dead WebDAV widget and probable a dead property 
field and then everything continues has normal. I hope :-)

To be honest I was a bit caught up in all the WebDAV namespace / specs that I 
forgot about dead properties until sometime early this week. But I am 
confident that I can get something alone these lines working without to much 


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