Tonico Strasser wrote:

(Again with the right quote, sorry.)

Jean-Marc Orliaguet wrote:

That's exactly what I'm saying: if templates did not try to create their own data layer, the 'li_repeat' macro could get the data from the model (instead it has to rely on cross-template communication)

that's an anti-pattern which is the consequence of having introduced tal:define. :-)

Hm. How else would you use the _same_ macro with different names in the same template?


"tal:define" is used here to pass parameters to the macro. In ZPT this is done implicitly, which is why macros specify a list a variables that must be defined.

In other language this is done explictly. (cf. XSLT <xsl:with-param ...>)

If it was done explicitly in ZPT it could look like:

 <li metal:use-macro="macros/li_repeat" metal:with-params="items1" />
 <li metal:use-macro="macros/li_repeat" metal:with-params="items2" />


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