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Prefixing 'browser' directives in the tag names to me is a big warning bell that you really do want to use different namespaces. Another example of the namespace mechanism working is that some people are using it in their projects, adding namespaces specific to their project. It'd feel ugly to me if I had to insert my own configuration directives into Zope's.

Finally, a general use of programming should be to use the language's namespace directive instead of prefixes, if the language does offer an effective namespace directive.

So, please don't try to fix this now. Work on reducing the complexity of existing directives first, and work on deprecating directives. Then reconsider this one.

Perhaps after this other step, matters will be clearer. I suspect quite a few of the directives that can go away are in the 'small' namespaces, such as mail. We may also want to move some directives to other namespaces. If all directives disappear from a namespace, so can the namespace. The potential for win can be much larger while the potential for breakage is much smaller, as we can do this step by step.

I really think that the discussion on namespaces is so common not because it's so important, but because it's an easy thing to comment on and talk about. People are less likely to have huge discussions about larger but harder to understand issues.

In the spirit of that, I will next talk about your proposal to remove specific ZCML directives.


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