Tonico Strasser wrote:
Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
See, now I even explained this to a "template programmer", though I
don't think he'd care.

Maybe I mean something different. I just want a folder in which I can drop all the files I want to customize (I love to customize), without registering something. Is this a layer? You're right, I don't care :)

I know this is on a side track from the simplify skinning discussion, but:

I think it'd be nice to have something that allowed you to register at least resources in a directory that still keeps intact the overriding capabilities that you'd have if you were to register a single resource.

The current directive to register a directory of resources makes it easy to register a whole bunch of them in one go, but, unless I'm mistaken, makes it hard to override just *one* later (in another skin or override), as in fact the directory it registered directly.


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