>* I feel that there are many usecases for multiple pages from one view
>  class which is why I've tried to come up with a solution that has
>  almost no magic (mind the "almost").  Does anyone have a better
>  solution without magic?

It's very clean and concise and relates directly to the url. I think you'll
find this very appealing to the CherryPy/TurboGears crowd.

>usecase 1. You have a template, you simply want to register it for an
>  or class.

IMO every template should have a view class. I take that back. - every 
browser page should be a view class with an optional template.  

I've only built a few simple sites with Z3, but 99% of my browser pages
require additional logic, especially since the prevailing opinion is that
you keep all logic and processing out of the template. (see "tal:defines
considered harmful thread")

I think the template should be considered "auxillary", not the view class.

ZPT isn't the only template option. As Z3 opens up, developers are going to
demand more templating choices like Kid, Cheetah, Meld3, etc...

Kevin Smith

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