Brian Sutherland wrote:
Make sure you have a sqlos revision after 22260, as before that sqlos was
caching connections (even ones where the server has gone away).

Aha! Right! Now I understand. Thanks for the hint!

Now I only have to wait 8 hours to see if it works ;)

Did it work?

By the way, I had two problems reported about this fix, incredible
memory usage and incredible slowness. 23429 should go some way to fix
these issues.

Yes, it works, no more 'server gone away' errors!

I'll keep an eye on memory usage. Note though, that the application I'm
using sqlos for is completely read-only. I thought to understand the
memory usage issue was related to creating lots of records through
sqlos, right?

kind regards,

Jan-Wijbrand Kolman

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