Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
Now that this proposal has been dealt with, I will turn my focus of
attention to Since my
initial announcement of the proposal I made some minor ammendments
regarding the 'content' directive. Please check them out and give me
feedback. I plan to start working on the implementation this week.
I like those simplifications, but  I have two little objections...

The factory directive particularly within the class directive is very convenient and I use them fairly often. So I would miss that shortcut, because it saves a few lines of replicated code :(

In addition the coupling of class/factory and class/implements is very concise and handy too, if you like to include 'external' packages into your application. In such a case I don't like to write an extra modul for the factory implementation and the class-implements-declaration. IMO this use case is focused to a component registration aspect and zcml would be the right place to cover it.

I would vote to leave at least the class/factory and class/implements subdirectives.


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