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> On Wed, 1 Mar 2006 21:43:10 -0500
> Chris McDonough <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> From a marketing or "user convenience" perspective, labels
> like the ones proposed remain useful, however.  Personally,
> I think they're fine. I'm not sure I wouldn't ditch the "3"
> though, and just call it "Zope CA"/"Zope AS" or even "Zope
> Component Architecture" and "Zope Application Server" --
> would there actually be any ambiguity?

Yes. There's a dominant Zope name out there. It's not the Component
Architecture nor is it built on it. It's starting to use it, but it's
not based on it. However, since the project that Zope 3 [AS] came out
of is still identified in the Wiki as the 'Component Architecture'
project, maybe the '3' can be dropped for that one. But not for
application server:

That dominant Zope, aka Zope 2, is also an application server. So
there really needs to be a separate definition. This was discussed
here a couple of months ago when people were enamored with the concept
of totally different names or code names or release names, which I was

Zope 3 is Zope. But Zope 3 is Not Zope. Zope 3 has *some* degree of
buzz around it, more than something with a new name. I still believe
that the '3' has meaning, at least for now. Maybe it can disappear
over time.

The Zope 3 Application Server can be defined, I think, as "the result
of the Zope [3] Component Architecture Project, Zope 3 AS builds a new
Zope application server and library purely on the core Component
Architecture and its principals. It is not meant to be a replacement
for the popular Zope 2 server or the new Zope Suite. Instead it
provides a smaller subset for developing new custom web applications
that take advantage of Zope's core concepts while providing the blank
slate to build the system you want. Zope 3 AS is targeted primarily to
Python programmers, and is a powerful toolkit for building the web
application of your dreams."


I think keeping the 3 in that one is important, and keeping the 3 in
'Zope 3 Component Architecture' ties those two together, and puts them
out there as the tangible results of the Zope 3 project. The "Zope 3
as a someday successor to Zope 2, maybe" message goes away. 'Zope 3'
becomes less of a product name on its own and comes to stand for the
work done to re-imagine Zope as a loosely coupled collection of
components, and the possibilities that it opens up. The message then
becomes "Zope 3 CA and Zope 3 AS, and the individual packages that
make them up, are the products available now from the Zope 3 group.
The Zope Suite leverages that work into the established Zope 2

Jeff Shell
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