On 3/3/06, Dieter Maurer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>   MS renames its core technologies every few years (at least)

Eh... no they don't. It's been called "MS Windows", and "MS Office"
and the like for like 15-20 years now. :-) In fact I can't think of
any case where Microsoft have renamed any technology... They do
however from time to time rewrite things completely from scratch, but
keep the name. :-)

Windows 2, Windows 3 and NT have completely different code bases, but
the same name.
They did however include reasonable backwards compatibility from the
start, which Zope3 didn't. And yes, that caused some problems, but
since Bill Gates don't pay us, it was necessary.

Heck, "MS Basic" was a core technology between the start of the
company and up until C# came along, and I defy you to try to run a
1970s MS Basic program in the MS Word Basic extension! :-p

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