I like this a whole lot. This is *much* better than diluting the Zope brand (Zed is dead, baby). If people really say things like "Oh, I can't use zope.testbrowser because I'm not using Zope" it's time to school them, not to ruin our brand: "You only need the Zope CA for that, dude, so stop whining."

Zope already worked when people like the RoR creators attended primary school. The term "Zope" having a bad rap in some circles is not Zope's fault, and can not be fixed by calling it Zed (to the contrary, I'd think).


On 2. Mär 2006, at 01:42, Jeff Shell wrote:

- Zope 3 CA: The Zope Component Architecture. Core services. Would
include zope.publisher and most other current top level zope.* things. Usable as a library, as a publisher for other environments, perhaps as a
  simple standalone server. Easy to deploy against WSGI, Paste.deploy,

- Zope 3 AS: The Zope 3 Application Server. A Zope 3 CA stack using the ZODB, ILocation, and most of the zope.app services but without any content objects. Perhaps only an application server configuration skin (process management) but no ZMI. Maybe have the current configuration installable as
  an option.

- Zope Suite (or Zope Web or Zope DE): This is the full "application server" perhaps Jim is envisioning. A comprehensive web based user interface, based on features (and implementations) of both Zope 2 and Zope 3 application
  servers and offerings.

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