On Thu, 2006-02-03 at 19:31 +0000, Stefane Fermigier wrote:
> Strange how (most of) the Plone people seem to be so quick in willing to
> sacrifice the Zope brand :(

Were this truly the case, most "Plone people" wouldn't bother
contributing to this thread.  But the reality is -- I (from a "Plone
people" point of view) am very concerned about the future of Zope from
both technology and marketing standpoints.

I do python/zope/plone consulting for a living -- it thrills me when I
can say to a fairly technology-savvy client that I will deploy my
solution on top of Zope and they say, "Oh Zope? I've heard thats pretty
good."  And yes, it has happened.

- Rocky

Rocky Burt
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