Martijn Faassen wrote:
Jim Fulton wrote:

I think that having one name for two radically different, though related,
things is very confusing. There are really
2 main technologies that people care about:

1. The Zope app server. This is characterized by things like an object
   file system, through-the-web scripting and/or development, pluggable
   course-grained add-ons, etc.

I must warn you that what you call 'app server' is not what I call app server; I believe that using the word appserver for this set of technologies could be very confusing to people. I believe Zope 3 is an application server. I believe, say, Django is an application server too, even though as far as I know it lacks an object file system and through the web scripting. Can we find another word for what you mean?

I wasn't trying to define app server.  I was describing the Zope app server.


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