On 09.03.2006., at 11:43, Sam Stainsby wrote:

On Thu, 09 Mar 2006 04:29:12 -0500, Benji York wrote:

class Foo(Persistent):

     def bar(self):
         doc = """The bar attribute"""

         def fset(self, bar):
             if bar is None:
                 self._bar = 47
                 self._bar = bar

         def fget(self):
             return self._bar * 44

         return property(**locals)

Ah, good ... the situation is better than I thought, although the code is
a little complex than I would like to see. How would you go about
overriding the accessor or mutator in a subclass?

class Foo(Persistent):

  def setBar(self, bar):

  def getBar(self):

  bar = property(getBar, setBar)

of course a subclasser of Foo needs to know that he is subclassing a Foo and not simply a IFooB, however this is mostly a documentation issue
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