On Tuesday 14 March 2006 17:26, Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
> The import doesn't, but the use of each method did because they looked
> like this:
> def getView(object, name, request, providing=Interface, context=None):
>     if __warn__:
>         warnings.warn(
>             "The concrete concept of a view has been deprecated. You "
>             "want to "
>             "use `getMultiAdapter((object, request), providing, name, "
>             "context)`.",
>             DeprecationWarning, warningLevel())
>     ...
> I know for a fact that each call to getView, getResource, etc. (in
> short, every function that's now in back35.py) generated warnings upon
> being called, and it's the message shown above in the code snippet.

This would also be the reason you would see many less deprecation warnings. 
Because here they would be only report the warning once for all getView 
calls, while the import approach reports every call.

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