Jim Fulton wrote:
Martijn Faassen wrote:

Then this and the __component_adapts__ hack should be enough to make it work (still an unpleasant hack, that).

Huh?  Use adapter.

   class FactoryFactory:

       def __init__(self):
           # initialize a new factory
           implementer(self, someinterfacethatmyinstancesimplement)

Another one that I couldn't find but is indeed there, sorry. It's right there in the zope.component README.txt with an example:

    >>> def personJob(person):
    ...     return getattr(person, 'job', None)
    >>> personJob = interface.implementer(IJob)(personJob)
    >>> personJob = component.adapter(IPerson)(personJob)

Okay, that's one step closer to support for this in the annotation package, thanks!

In the new world for ZCML, ZCML as a language falls apart in a minimalistic XML language, and some support code (such as zope.app.annotation.AnnotationFactory) to help it do more advanced things.

One remaining benefit of higher-level ZCML is that it gets picked up by apidoc and thus can be discovered fairly easily by developers as part of the configuration story. While AnnotationFactory is doing definition and is in Python code in the new world for ZCML, this act of definition is closely associated with the act of registering it in ZCML.

It would be nice if we somehow retained discoverability for APIs that are meant to work with ZCML - it's obvious from this subthread that it takes some idiots^H^H^H^H^H^Hpeople a while to pick up an API... We'd like people working with annotations to be able to find out that we have this available. Perhaps a README.txt in the annotation package is enough for now, though. Perhaps we can think of other ways to help make this discoverable...


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