Tres Seaver wrote:
Developers who are the only admins for the sites they deploy are *not*
representative of the intended audience for ZCML;  they are much more
comfortable with "back to Python" as a solution than more traditional
admins / integrators would be.  "Big" directives, with clearly
documented knobs for specifying policies, are likely to appeal more to
folks who are *not* inclined to write Python.

The fact that such developer-admins are the primary users of ZCML so far
is due to the small size of the Zope3 market to date.

I'm in an environment right now that has a strong separation between the developers and the systems administrators. The admins do not touch anything as deep as ZCML. They might touch ZConfig files, but only lightly. I doubt I could trust the current ZCML to someone without programming skills.

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