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Gary Poster wrote:
What also got me worried is that the promise of future new widgets may result in the community doing very little for the time being. We seemed to have a little bit of momentum to clean up, but this will now evaporate most likely. It also potentially makes efforts like using Zope 3 widgets with Zope 2 archetypes not very worthwhile right now, for instance.

On the other hand, I can see why, if you have clear ideas about a design, you'd want to develop this in isolation and move it to open source later. But it still isn't positive for any community-driven actions.

What to do about this?
Maybe we should have just been quiet. I expect this is one of those "damned-if-you-do-damned-if-you-don't" moments.

Yeah, I understand. :( Overall I'm glad you let us know and haven't been quiet, though.

The current backwards compatibility plan is that we'll provide an adapter to let widgets work in the new system to do the same kinds of things you can do with them now; you'll only need new widgets if you want to do new tricks with them. Also, it's a goal that it will will be relatively easy to port an style widget to our interfaces.

You also don't know if you'll like what we do.

What are the prime motivators for doing what you'll do? I.e. beside having a cleaner widgets system, what are you trying to accomplish feature-wise?

Maybe these answers are motivation enough for some folks to continue with some of the projects you describe.

Well, my personal priorities to work on this stuff have shifted now that I realize that there are indeed some significant changes are ahead. These incremental changes would be worthwhile if that was the only thing in the future. But we'd in fact have incremental changes that would be replaced entirely at some point in the future, which gives them only a limited utility.

I'm quite interested in knowing more about your plans, and helping you implement things, if only by porting existing widgets over to the new system. I also realize that discussing this kind of stuff over on the mailing list slows down the speed of implementation quite a bit, especially if there's a clear vision in your head of where it should go. But I still want to help. Ugh. Perhaps just drop me a line when you think I could be useful.

Maybe we should have a sprint where I can sit next to you? :)


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