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Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
Dominik Huber wrote:

I really appreciate your effort in all other cases, but in this case I
think its not a simplification.
At least in case of class/implements it is. I'm merging two directives,
class/implements and five:implements into one.

The case of class/factory is arguable, I admit. However, there I'm just
following the rule of a) defining things in Python and registering them in
ZCML and b) use more basic ZCML directives, less special ones.

That "rule" is somewhat debatable (the debate seems ongoing).

I think we could argue the following equally well:  if you find a
directive unuseful, *just don't use it*.  Register *new* directives
(perhaps in a new namespace, if you want to reuse the names) which do
your "simpler / cleaner" thing.

Deprecation is not always a reasonable model, given disagreement about
the value of the simplification.
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