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I think I know what might have been going on. The earlier patch neglected to
change getEncoding() to always return UTF-8. So the code in
that encodes the queries was encoding them to whatever getEncoding()
happened to return rather than UTF8.

Would you be happy with this if it works for you?

I agree that the problem possibly was in getEncoding(), unfortunately I didn't have a time to explore the problem deeper. I'll try to return 'SET client_encoding' back and hide the encoding field for psycopgda in a few days.

The alternative that meets my requirements would be to make the possible
encodings a Choice field of the encodings that recent PostgreSQL supports,
(which needs a mapping from the PostgreSQL naming to the Python naming). The
default would be UTF-8, and the connection would issue a 'SET
client_encoding' statement using the selected encoding rather than trusting
that whatever encoding has been selected in Z3 happens to be the default
client encoding. There would be a slight performance improvement with this
method in the case where a non-UTF8 database could receive data in its
native encoding, but I'd personally rather not have the added complexity.

I've already thought about the Choice field, but I didn't find the easy way to implement enumeration of the encodings in Python.

The getEncoding() approach isn't meaningful with database adapters that
accept Unicode strings which is becoming the norm. The idea that database
adapters will never be Unicode aware seems to have been embedded into Z3
quite deeply though :-(

I guess the '' code is somewhat in beta state so we still need to
figure out better approaches, interfaces, etc.

I guess we can allow getEncoding() to return None
for modern database drivers and make Z3 pass through queries as Unicode or
ASCII strings to driver in this case. I'm going to want to make the switch
to psycopg2 soon, and I think I'll need to sort this out in Z3 at that

I think it would be better to add some additional method like
'isUnicodeAware()' because 'getEncoding()' which returns None in the case of
unicode aware adapter seems hackish for me.

I'm going to want to make the switch
to psycopg2 soon, and I think I'll need to sort this out in Z3 at that
point.  I don't know yet if it will be better to maintain a single psycopgda
or if it will be better to split it into two products.

I think the single product would be better and more flexible approach, in this
case we can select better available underlying adapter at setup-time or/and at

By the way, what do you think about the idea of add DB-API2 compliant exception hierarchy to ''? Adapters will be responsible to translate its exceptions to '' exceptions.

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