I'm in the process of greatly simpifying local component registration.
Among other things, I'm doing away with the requirement that local
components provide any magic interfaces, such as IRegisterable or
ILocalUtility.  A side effect of this is that components won't get the
containment constraints provided by IRegisterable and objects that
were previously only addable to site-management folders are now addable
to any container that doesn't have it's own constraints.

I'm wondering if this is a problem.  If I were using the ZMI as a
CMS, then this would be a problem, but I'm not and probably no one
should.  I'm inclined to say that this new behavior is not a problem.
Does anyone disagree?

BTW, some other notes on the new registration mechanisms:

- You can preview them on the jim-adpater branch.

- Components can be registered from anywhere.  In fact,
  locally registered components need not be located anywhere,
  although they must be pickleable.

- We still have site-management folders to provide a way to
  manage components outside of content space.  You can put components
  directly in the site manager itself.  I expect we'll eventually
  move toward using the site manager as the default component folder.


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