>> ZCML as of Zope 3.2 is inconsistent and to someone who's new 
>> and doesn't know every little detail from behind the scenes 
>> it's very obscure. And then it also makes debugging hard 
>> which has bitten me personally quite a few times. I explained 
>> this is a reply to Rocky Burt in this thread:
>> http://mail.zope.org/pipermail/zope3-dev/2006-April/019169.html
> I don't telling that you are not right at all ;-)
> It's just not correct to remove the old way of doing.

I won't maintain the old code. It's horrid. At some point we'll just
have to clean out the attic. That's what deprecation is for. Timed
removal. Allowing the old way for a while until it's removed. After all,
you'll have one year to fix up your app. We recently agreed on this
deprecation period in the community, if I may remind you...

>> Now, would you rather make an attempt to document the 
>> inconsistent (and hard to maintain, not to forget!), or 
>> wouldn't you rather make an attempt at fixing the damn thing?
> I guess, making the refactoring and support a high level 
> directive doing the old way will solve the problem.

Not sure why you would want to do that. Have you read my proposal at
all? Is this tiny base class SUCH a burden that you have to write
another high-level directive?

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