[Tim Peters, on getting the Zope3 testrunner to work w/ 2.5a2]
> In Zope3's testrunner.py, just change
>     '--at-level', 1,
> to
>     '--at-level', '1',
> in the default_setup_args list literal.

After that, I don't know how well Zope3's "test.py -v" is expected to
work on Windows these days.  It was pretty bad here, ending with

    Ran 6553 tests with 19 failures and 179 errors

A great many of those were repeats of:

  File "C:\code\python\lib\linecache.py", line 14, in getline
    lines = getlines(filename, module_globals)
TypeError: __patched_linecache_getlines() takes exactly 2 arguments (3 given)

That's because this 2.5a2 patch changed the signature of
linecache.getline, which doctest needs to know about, but zope.testing
has its own doctest.py:

    r45248 | phillip.eby | 2006-04-10 21:07:43 -0400 (Mon, 10 Apr
2006) | 4 lines

    Updated the warnings, linecache, inspect, traceback, site, and
doctest modules
    to work correctly with modules imported from zipfiles or via other PEP 302
    __loader__ objects.  Tests and doc updates are included.
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