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i18n doesn't actually work for things marked as 'structure' in a page template in both Zope 2 and Zope 3. Zope 2 does do this with PlacelessTranslationService (through some tortuous route I won't go into). I think in practice large systems such as Plone, Silva and CPS are all translating snippets with bits of HTML in there, so i18n for structure is important.

Zope 2 + Five i18n work however. Zope 3 presumably doesn't work either. I have a monkey patch lying around that fixes this in Zope 2.x and I could check the fix in directly (and fix it Zope 3.3 trunk too), if there are no objections.

I realize we're getting close to a release and we're in feature freeze now, so this may be considered to be too large a change for this round.



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