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I think I've identified an issue with the TTW local utilities registration (svn trunk), I'm not sure how this is solved (it could be a bug):

I have a folder that acts as a persistent components registry:

   class SomeFolder(..., PersistentComponents)

which means that it can hold information about locally registered utilities, adapters, ...

The problem is that when I register a SomeFolder as a local utility, instead of getting registered in the site manager "above", it gets registered "in itself", so basically it never gets registered in the application.

to reproduce the issue simply subclass PersistentComponents, and do a PersistentComponents.__init__(...) on an existing component (.e.g HelloWorld); you will be able to register it as a local utility but it won't appear in the site manager's registrations.

Any idea?


well, the bug is here:


   def register(self, action, data):
       sm = component.getSiteManager(self.context)

in that case 'sm' and 'context' are the same.

I've filed a bug at:

a solution would be to get the site manager on the parent folder, eg.

      if sm == context:
           sm = component.getSiteManager(getParent(context))


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