Back in March, there was a (tiny) bit of discussion here about using
wsgi middleware for gzipping zope3 responses.

I have now had time to take a look at the concept, and it seems good.

So, for a preview of another gzipping implementation for zope3, please
take a look at

For use with zope3, it requires zope.paste (Thanks, Sidnei!)

    iterable-friendly - outputs as iterable at the same time it receives
from the application iterable
    memory-friendly? - can use a tempfile buffer to perhaps reduce
memory usage
    configurable excludes - easily exclude any content-types you want
from gzipping

At the same URL, I'm also previewing a similar package to minimize

As usual, installation and configuration instructions are in the README

development status:  "works for me"

-Jim Washington
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