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Jean-Marc Orliaguet wrote:

luis wrote:

are you sure? I tried with:

[EMAIL PROTECTED] ~/Zope3/src $ python2.4
Python 2.4.2 (#1, Dec  4 2005, 15:28:38)
Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.
 >>> from import file
 >>> f = file.File()
 >>> f
< object at 0xb7cbad2c>
 >>> import zope.interface
 >>> class IMarker(zope.interface.Interface):
...          """Marker interface"""
 >>> zope.interface.directlyProvides(f, IMarker)
 >>> list(zope.interface.directlyProvidedBy(f))
[<InterfaceClass __main__.IMarker>]
 >>> IMarker.providedBy(f)

yes.. that's why I say that it seems very strange... the call to
directlyProvides works as you show with your example, ... *but*, after you add your file to a folder, something removes the IMarker interface (or it
doesn't get saved for some reason )

directlyProvides( f, IMarker )
if not IMarker.providedBy( f ):
        raise Error
myfolder['f'] = f

if you put something like that in an Adding-Form, no exception is raised and
the object "f" is added to the container. so the directlyProvides does
work...but then, if you take a look at the object "f" in the zmi
introspector, you will see something like:
                DirectlyProvided interfaces

so what I'm saying is not that directlyProvides doesnt work, but that
provided-list gets lost somewhere on the way into the database... (but if f
is  a Folder, then the provided-list is kept )

If there is a bug in the container framework my assumption would be that that the following part of code causes your problem. The regular container asserts IContained either by the directlyProvides mechanism if the item provides ILocation or else by a ContainedProxy. line 325:
   if not IContained.providedBy(object):
       if ILocation.providedBy(object):
               object, IContained,
           object = ContainedProxy(object)

First try to provide IContained to your File implementation using the following zcml entry:

<class class=".to.your.File" >
 <implements ="" />

That should solve the problem.

If yes, could you track down if the problem: Is it caused by the directlyProvided mechanism or by the ContainedProxy?

(If no, perhaps a persistency problem?)


by what I can tell, it's the ContainedProxy line:

object = ContainedProxy(object)

that removes all directly provided interfaces on all types of objects not just files. With folders ContainedProxy() is not called.

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