Adam Groszer wrote at 2006-5-9 14:36 +0200:
> ...
>JF> Python simply does not support a general robust reload, other than
>JF> restart.
>What about pushing the problem then to the lower level, to Python
>itself. I think all developers are fighting the same problem, so all
>Python developers would benefit from the solution. As I know (that may
>be wrong) not many even if any language supports that, so that would
>make one big plus point on the Python side also.

I fear, this is a very deep (and difficult) problem!

  A reload may modify an object that is used in arbitrary places.
  and Python may not know all these places...

  Because of this, Python has only two options:

    *  it creates a new object and leaves all using
       contexts alone.

       That is what Python does now.

    *  it overwrite the object in place.

       But for many modifications this is impossible
       (e.g. if the new object needs more contigous space
       then the old one).

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