Jeff Rush wrote:

> Just checking if I'm missing something -- with the removal of HTTP
> streaming/chunking in 3.2, this means that the async bi-directional
> persistent socket communications associated with Ajax is NOT possible
> at this time?  That a request/response must quickly run to completion
> on a thread and cannot hang on to that thread to asynchronously
> communicate with the client?
> I've been doing this in Twisted (actually Nevow's live page API) and
> had hoped to migrate some code over to Zope3.  Since Zope3
> incorporates Twisted, I'm wondering if I can beat on it enough to be
> able to run my Twisted code "underneath" the existing Zope3/Publisher
> arrangement.
> If anyone is currently doing Ajax in Zope3, I'd be interested in
> talking with them.  I saw a brief flurry of emails some months ago
> about adopting one of the existing Javascript frameworks and then
> adjusting Zope3's API to generically work with any such framework but
> no further discussion since.
> -Jeff

I've managed to work on this field a while ago, to provide at least a
way to get async feedback on running requests (uploading data/running),
a branch was made to
work on it but that's all.

what does your code actually do ?


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