Hi all,

There is such a thing in z3! 
Or at least in the "new" zope3.org implemnetation ;-)

I remember that Uwe Oestermeier was developing something
like a livepage which can receive and send streams of HTML
on a open request.

See this for more information, but don't ask me if it's working.


Please contact Uwe Oestermeier if you have questions.
I guess you can find his address somewhere at the sprint 
announcment list. He was organizing the Isar Sprint.

Hope that's usefull.

Roger Ineichen

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> On May 15, 2006, at 1:49 PM, Jeff Rush wrote:
> > Benji York wrote:
> >> Zachery Bir wrote:
> >>> I think Benji's commenting on the fact that you're creating a   
> >>> synchronous connection when you hold it open like that.
> >> Exactly.  As Jean-Marc noted, Jeff's talking more about 
> "streaming" 
> >> than "asynchronicity" (is that a word?).
> >
> > Well the connection itself is synchronous but that data 
> flowing over 
> > it is async in that the server can send something to the
> > client at any time w/o regard to the usual REQUEST/RESPONSE 
> cycle.   
> > I guess I didn't think of it as streaming because I wasn't 
> sending a 
> > large quantity of data over the connection, just many small chunks 
> > representing Javascript fragments to be invoked within the client.
> >
> >>> FWIW, I've been using MochiKit's Async package for writing Zope
> >>> 3  apps with AJAX.
> >> MochiKit is one of life's little joys.
> >> (And I'm not being sarcastic, ask hard to believe as that is.)
> >
> > I looked at MochiKit and studied the Async package, but perhaps I 
> > didn't understand it.  I only saw ways for the client to sneak HTTP 
> > REQUESTSs to the server behind the user's back, but nothing for the 
> > server to reach out and shove something into the client 
> whenever the 
> > server, not the client, decided it was time.  I'd rather 
> not have the 
> > client polling the server for said data with HTTP REQUESTs.
> Depends entirely on your application, I guess. Comet (the live
> connection) doesn't scale particularly well. It suits some 
> applications quite nicely (e.g. small number of users). For 
> other purposes, it's wholly unsuited. But that's not an 
> indictment of Zope 3's ability to deploy AJAX applications. 
> Perhaps Comet apps, but not AJAX.
> Zac
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