Hi Gary

> With your change, if the error is (or extends!) Invalid, it 
> is hardcoded to assume the first argument is a string, 
> message, or something with a reasonably __str__, translate if 
> it is a message, and wrap the result with a <span>.  I'd much 
> prefer it if that code were ripped out of error_views and 
> made, simply, into a view for (Invalid, IBrowserRequest), 
> perhaps even registered by the formlib zcml.  Do you see any 
> issue with that?

No, that's a good idea. btw, I can also live without the
additional span tag arround the message string. Do you
have time to change this?

> Also, I don't love the 'widget_title' stuff in error_views: that  
> seems to me to be the responsibility of the error view.    Is that  
> new?  What's the rationale?

No, this was a existing part. I agree, we sould move this part to 
the error view, if possible.

> > Log message for revision 67278:
> >   Fix error handling, please double check this!
> >
> >   The formlib.form.EditForm doesn't handle ValidationError in the
> >   method error_views.
> >   I converted ValidationError to WidgetInputError in the method
> >   getWidgetsData which is responsible to catch errors raised by
> >   the widget getInputValue method.
> This is the place in the code that knows the widget name and 
> label, so it's not unreasonable.

What do you mean by this? Is it correct how I converted 
ValidationError to useable widget input errors?

Roger Ineichen

> Thanks
> Gary

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