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Hi Gary

With your change, if the error is (or extends!) Invalid, it
is hardcoded to assume the first argument is a string,
message, or something with a reasonably __str__, translate if
it is a message, and wrap the result with a <span>.  I'd much
prefer it if that code were ripped out of error_views and
made, simply, into a view for (Invalid, IBrowserRequest),
perhaps even registered by the formlib zcml.  Do you see any
issue with that?

No, that's a good idea. btw, I can also live without the
additional span tag arround the message string. Do you
have time to change this?

Heh, not right now.  Maybe next week.

Also, I don't love the 'widget_title' stuff in error_views: that
seems to me to be the responsibility of the error view.    Is that
new?  What's the rationale?

No, this was a existing part. I agree, we sould move this part to
the error view, if possible.

Hm.  I wonder who did this then.  Maybe I'll poke around. :-)

Log message for revision 67278:
  Fix error handling, please double check this!

  The formlib.form.EditForm doesn't handle ValidationError in the
  method error_views.
  I converted ValidationError to WidgetInputError in the method
  getWidgetsData which is responsible to catch errors raised by
  the widget getInputValue method.

This is the place in the code that knows the widget name and
label, so it's not unreasonable.

What do you mean by this? Is it correct how I converted
ValidationError to useable widget input errors?

Sorry for being unclear.

What you did makes sense. I have intuitive reservations that I am discounting because I cannot rationalize them. Therefore, +1 to what you did.

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