Stephan Richter wrote:
> On Thursday 01 June 2006 04:07, Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
>> That's not how we typically use translation domains, though. In most
>> projects, one translation domain denotes all the translations of a
>> particular piece of software (a library, an application, etc.). So Zope
>> use 'zope', Plone uses 'plone', etc.
> I have come to the conclusion that this is a major mistake. ;-) And I am the 
> culprit too! :-( I think each package should have its translation domain. 

That case is included in the above ("piece of software" can be a
package, too...).

> This makes it much easier to override translation domains and provide custom 
> translations, which is something I wanted really bad for formlib in the last 
> project.

Both approaches have their advantanges, as we discussed some time ago. I
think we should think about the possibility of making Zope 3 a bit more
modular for Zope 3.4. This wouldn't only include i18n domains for each
project but perhaps also individual changelogs and such. Since we didn't
get Zope 3.3 to ship primarily as eggs, I would hope that we'll make it
for Zope 3.4, hence it would make sense to split certain things up.
Someone should write a proposal *wink*.

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