Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
Benji York wrote:
Martin Aspeli wrote:
  o In zope.testbrowser, [snip] having the ability to select nodes
by XPATH would be incredibly useful
Yep, I and others have thought the same thing.

I imagine an existing
library would be available to make this reasonably easy to implement?
With ElementTree going into Python 2.5, I suspect testbrowser will grow
XPath support.

Except that ElementTree doesn't really have XPath support nor an HTML
parser, AFAIK. lxml has both. (It doesn't surprise that Schooltool used
libxml, therefore.) I understand that you're reluctant to add any
dependencies to zope.testbrowser, perhaps Zope 3 will ship with lxml at
some point...

Or perhaps it could be an optional dependency in the mean-time? Since we're only talking tests, here, it's not terrible of developers have a bit more choice over dependencies. For example, zope.testbrowser itself requires Five 1.4 to run on Zope 2. Plone runs testbrowser tests if they're available, and prints a warning if they are not.


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