Wichert Akkerman wrote:
Previously Christian Theune wrote:
I'm very much against "relaxed" date/time format checking. I tend to give my user the exact format that is expected and fail otherwise. All the guessing in the past led to bad bad errors because the field order the user entered was syntactically compatible but had a semantically different meaning.

Shouldn't users use a nice dynamic widget to select dates and times?
That will prevent all these problems.

Hell no. :)

It's much more efficient for a trained user to type '2005-08-08' instead of having to click for 2 minutes through a "usable nice widget".

BTW: The best UI I ever worked with was an ASCII terminal-software where one should select menu entries by typing their numbers. I could blindfoldedly navigate through that system much faster than most of the software I use today ...


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