Chris Withers wrote:
> Hi All,
> Been looking more into getting lists of available languages for a domain
> out of Zope 3.
> Philipp pointed me to zope.i18n.interfaces.ILanguageAvailability, which
> appears to be a tiny interface that's not used anywhere.

Not within in Zope 3 at least...

> What I'd like to do as give ITranslationDomain a getAvailableLanguages()
> method and get rid of ILanguageAvailability.

As I said on IRC, enhancing ITranslationDomain would change the contract
of this interface. Third party implementations of ITranslationDomain
would no longer comply with the old contract.

It'd therefore be better to come up with a new interface that combines
ITranslationDomain and ILanguageAvailability.
zope.i18n.translationdomain.TranslationDomain could then easily
implement this interface and also be registered for this interface...

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