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A way to mark bugs for milestones is in my opinion, for instance, a better way to handle bugs than having to mark them critical to get them picked up and considered before a Zope release happens. More modest submitters may mark something as 'bug', and their bug might not be seen.. With a milestone mechanism instead of relying on 'critical' it becomes a lot easier to defer things to a following release, with less risk of actually losing track of issues. I believe that without deferring issues, a release of a large piece of software like Zope 3 is in fact not possible, given limited resources.

I've updated the collector with release targets as possible importance values. I've also reset all of the current critical items to point to the 3.3 release. If anyone wants me to add other milestones, let me know and I will.

So, now, to see what has to be resolved for the 3.3 release, just select the "3.3 Release" importance.


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