On Jul 17, 2006, at 12:53 PM, Adam Groszer wrote:

Hi there,

Anybody tried to use the above?
For me it raises

  Module zope.app.form.utility, line 348, in getWidgetsData
  Module zope.app.form.browser.widget, line 295, in getInputValue
  Module zc.datetimewidget.datetimewidget, line 123, in _toFieldValue
    res = normalizeDateTime(res, self.request)
Module zc.datetimewidget.datetimewidget, line 48, in normalizeDateTime
    dt = zc.i18n.date.normalize(request, dt)
  Module zc.i18n.date, line 74, in normalize
    tzu = tzinfo.fromutc(dt).tzinfo
ValueError: fromutc: dt.tzinfo is not self

Seems like that happens when in zc.i18n.date tzinfo == UTC

def normalize(request, dt):
    if dt.tzinfo is None:
        tzinfo = ITZInfo(request)
        tzinfo = dt.tzinfo

    tzu = tzinfo.fromutc(dt).tzinfo

Anyway normalizing an UTC datetime to UTC is useless?!?!?
So if nobody goes against I'll correct that.

Hi Adam. I'm trying to follow, and having a bit of a hard time, perhaps because I'm trying to work too quickly. :-)

I thought you meant that the following test of zc.i18n.date.normalize would fail:

    >>> dt = datetime.datetime(2006, 5, 1, 10, tzinfo=pytz.UTC)
    >>> normalize(request, dt)
    datetime.datetime(2006, 5, 1, 10, 0, tzinfo=<UTC>)

However, I actually added this test to zc.i18n.date and it passed. I checked it in (revision 69155), but I assume that means that I still don't understand what the problem you identified is. Could you maybe post a doctest that fails?


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