Tres Seaver wrote:
> Benji York wrote:
>>> Benji York wrote:
>>> [craziness]
>>> That'll teach me to reply to email before coffee.  Philipp explained the
>>> observed behavior.
> And another argument for usning tags instead of 'branch + revision' for
> externals:  if SVN doesn't remember that the external should be "frozen"
> to the revision it was checked out with, then SVN is broken here.
> /me *still* wants a 'svn ln' command which creates a read-only "tag"
> from the combination of branch and revision, but the SVN team is
> uninterested in supporting release managers' use cases, it seems.

I want that too! Actually, I would be happy with being able to give
revision numbers human-readable aliases. Then an external could still be
something like:

  testing -r zope.testing-0.2 svn://

zope.testing-0.2 would be an alias for, say, 49234. Of course, this also
requires that svn was not broken with externals like it is now.


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