Christian Theune wrote:
Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
Christian Theune wrote:
see subject. What's the reason that all three flavours (still?) exist? I
 just had a really hard time finding the spelling I need.
ztapi.provideUtility(interface, component) is discouraged and should go
away. I didn't do this for Zope 3.3 because of a lack of time.

zope.component.provideUtility(component, interface=optional) is a
convenience spelling for:

      component, interface=optional).

The order of arguments is the same. I think Jim wants the convenience
functions in zope.component (provide*) to go away in favor of the
explicit spelling through the global site manager. I think that before
we do that, we should first abolish the term "site manager" from the
zope.component API (because we don't call it site manager anymore).

Hmm. Hmm. zope.component.provide* is *very* convenient. What would the
new spelling be?

Look two paragraphs above:

>>   zope.component.getGlobalSiteManager().registerUtility(
>>       component, interface=optional).

Isn't the global site manager something else then zope.component?

No. The global site manager (we prefer to call it global component registry nowadays) is defined in zope.component. It is always htere.

Because zope.component uses the current thread-local site-manager,
depending on what was set during traversal etc., isn't it?

Nope. zope.component knows nothing about thread-local site managers. That's (which hooks its knowledge of thread-local site managers into zope.component).

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